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Branding – Identity & values

All companies move up a level at some point. So it’s natural that your current logo design or company image no longer fits your purpose. This is where we will help you develop an identity. One that connects with your customers with a clearer purpose.

Through understanding your business, we aim to create a unique identity. Aligning your brand to its core values, and how desire your product/service to be perceived. From the naming conventions to colour schemes, our job is to craft a unique a distinct creative solution. As a result, keep your brand differentiated and ahead of your competitors.

Video Editing & Motion Graphics

We are in a world where video content is everywhere, and there is no sign of this trend slowing. Social media and video sites like YouTube and Vimeo are growing exponentially. Video content is quickly becoming the preferred method of engagement for users. Allowing people to quickly and efficiently comprehend difficult information.

So, now is the time for your brand to open up a new door and find its way in the world of video. We can help you transform your Idea into an interesting and engaging visual, that will appeal to your target audience.

Web Design – UI & UX

At lvlmedia, our philosophy of web design starts with creating a seamless user experience. Through careful planning of a logical site structure and page layout, we make sure page contents are presented clearly. As a result, allowing your website to be easily navigated.

Once initial concepts are presented, we go through several feedback cycles, absorbing your comments along the way. Your vision is then developed into a functional website, optimised for desktop and mobile.

We are passionate about our design process. We ensure every website we produce delivers an excellent standard tailored to your needs.

Social Media Management – Insight & Content

Our Social Media Management Service (SMMS) plays an important role in building a vibrant community around your brand. We collect useful information to help find your audience, to form meaningful customer relationships across several platforms.

As a result of monitoring consumer behaviour across social media and the web, we can gain a detailed insight into how your consumers engage with your brand/market. This gives us the tools to effectively create awesome content for your social media campaigns. Therefore, can drive sales and maximise brand awareness.


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